Even the SEC is Coming Around






Today the SEC appointed Valerie Szczepanik as the associate director of the Division of Corporation Finance and the senior adviser for digital assets and innovation.  In layman’s terms, she will be the driving force behind the SEC’s decisions regarding cryptocurrencies.

This is a big day for cryptocurrency.  It has been well established that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies do not qualify as a security; with ICO’s sold prior to their network being functional as the exception.  I believe her hiring has more to do with the implementation of security tokens as a means of tracking ownership of securities.  Yesterday’s post shed light on the use case for security tokens and the many benefits that they bring.  The future of trading assets and commodities will include the blockchain and the SEC is preparing itself for the day it becomes a reality.

We cannot fear regulation.  We need rational and useful regulation in place before the large financial institutions can enter the market.  Godspeed Valerie, may you usher in a new chapter at the SEC filled with prudent, pragmatic, and pertinent regulation.

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